The Sea, my best friend!

I am staying on the coast, looking at the sea, such as calm and blue. I can hear its breath. What a nice feeling! My body trembles of its infinity blueness, purity, and mystery.  I feel free and untrammeled.

In its mirror, I see my face. I wonder what makes me so relaxed and happy in the company of the sea. I put my hands on this mirror, cuddle its surface wishing it a peaceful and beautiful day. I know mine will be perfect because I have already received its peacefulness.

I am here with my best friend who already knows all my secrets.  Silence and serenity are possible only here, at this, only my place near the sea where I always come to calm my mind and feelings. It gives me the best advice, a message that directs my future acts. The sea listens my every word. There are no friends in this world who can listen so long and carefully.

The sea, so beautiful and serene sometimes knows to be such furious. At my first time there I was afraid of how it smashed against the rocks. It looked so upset. There was no peace and inspiration! Seemed I wasn’t welcome there. I wondered if the sea understood me, might I talk with it.  But over the time I have already met its temper and realized it hasn’t been upset with me. The sea is broken sometimes by the wind that rolls waves so cruelly over the surface, like bad moments over my life.  

 Since then we have become best friends.  It has always greeted me with its wide arms and soft embrace. I run there because its strength makes me safe and tranquil. I have already learned how to listen whispering of waves and read the messages from beautiful white carpet made by satin lace. I am not afraid anymore of its restless waves, the sea and I understand each other very well.

It can recognize my sad or happy face, tone of my voice, see my raised or bent shoulders. It is always ready to tell me the warm words and push me into a better life.

   Thank you sea! You are my best, secret friend.

    Who is your best friend?

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