How to become a powerful woman?

Can a successful woman also be weak, desperate, and alone?  Of course, she can, but fortunately, she decides her fate. I have never met a successful woman with an easy past who has had an easy road to success.

A powerful woman can be recognized by her wide smile, cheerful face, and the joy in her eyes.   She has charisma and radiates joy around herself. She captures attention because she is strong, confident, she has a special style. The battle she had in the past made her stronger, perceptive, and clever. She has learned what her place in the world must be.

She will say she is happy without thinking. It means she is not tired of life struggles, bad personal and professional situations. She had a lot of these struggles and hardships but decided to be a warrior.  She knew life meant battling and can’t escape difficulties if she wants to survive and be successful,   otherwise, she would be defeated, forced to give up her dreams.

People have their struggles.  They liked and celebrated only winners, and had little time for a loser. She decided that she would never again be weak.

So she is determined to do many things in her life alone, rarely asking anyone for help, never asking for pity. There are only some exceptions, strong and positive people. When she meets people with an open heart, those ready to understand and support, she has found friends who will last forever.

She loves life and people. Her communication is tender, soft, and she understands every person without judging them because every person has their own life story. She is self- confident, but not haughty. She is a teaser who likes to joke, to make fun.

Was she born like a charismatic, mentally strong, and positive woman? No!!! Her life circumstances have taught her to be self-confident. She has faced many crises in her life but she learned to cope with them, to be a warrior with so many crisis moments in her life but she had forced to fight them. She has cried many times, spent many sleepless nights. She has also felt a great deal of pain, and many times her heart was broken… She overcame her pain, disappointments, desperations, again and again, and many times she rose from the ashes. It was a lesson to learn!

She has turned her pain into her challenges, learned to play the game. It was a chess game. She opened her mind, analyzed the situation, created strategy, all the time goal-oriented. Many problems and bad situations were overcome.  These struggles helped her become more mature and wise in private and professional life.

Today, when the new problems arise she doesn’t despair. She thinks, calculates, and faces her challenges directly.  When they take out eyes to eyes…she is tough, perceptive, cold, she attacks to defeat them and there is no mercy.

Because of all those bad experiences in the past, she has a big smile on her face today. She has learned how to be strong, patient, and wait for new opportunities.

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