Do you believe in magic?

You ask me if I believe in magic? I have to stay for the moment and think. Magic! Maybe I believe it! I am going to sail through my mind. Follow me!

If you are child play! If you are already an adult don’t forget to play children’s games. Sing your songs, dance your dearest dances! Tango, rumba, cha-cha.  Be spirited!  Always ready to play your game. Accept each new thing because it waits to be yours.  Your life calls awaits you. It offers you to play the best games, to be satisfied, smile, adore, loved, love successful, dream, be joyful. Don’t betray her expectations. Your life offers you all the best, all happiness in the world. Are you ready to take her  gift? Think!

Years ago you were a child. Playful, smiling, full of joy, fun… You were running across the fields and meadows. Happy you could pick daisies and made make a sweet chain of them. You were a little queen who dreamt about distant kingdoms and the handsome king who would come. You followed your dreams. You could touch all that beautiful world which was waiting for you.

During the night, in the silence of your room, huddled in your bed you were talking with angels. Long in the night, they whispered to you sweet words. Also spoke about beautiful countries, people, love, and events you would visit, experience, see, and feel.  You followed them with all your heart. You believed only your angels could  fulfill all your dreams. Childhood was an amazing time. The time  when you  thought you could touch  the sun, sky and stars. The time you believed that all your dreams would become true.

While you were dreaming the time was passing.  At the a critical moment you realized you were not a child anymore. You became a mature woman.

Your life was stable, predictable, every step well planned.   Sometimes you were very cold, able to cut everything out you didn’t like or that belonged to your very complex world.  Hardworking was your way for success, the only way to get ahead and followed your dreams.  Sometimes life was very strict rigorous, ordered without mercy for those who were not able to work.

But you became confused. Your life is so serious, stable…   Where your  child’s dreams have disappeared.   How did this joyful child disappear? Where is that dreamy child who spoke with angels before sleeping? Where is the child who jumped from tree to tree, run with dogs, slept on the riverside, fought bravely with boys?  You are sad now, sorry for this child you have lost somewhere along your growing up. Now you want to change your direction, look  for a new miracle!

Now you know life is not white or black. Everything in nature is well measured, has a balance. You have decided to find the same path you were walking as a child, many years ago. To find again your angel who  whispers to you before sleeping. This one angel  who will help you  revive your dreams, and discover again your magical and wonderful world.

Do I believe in magic? Maybe!

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